Gerber Center Drive Vs Leatherman OHT

Gerber Centre Drive versus Leatherman OHT battle of the multi-tools has been going on for many years. The two have a similar number of tools and a number of features in common like the one-handed operation and spring-action pliers. Most people usually choose according to their preference but here is a number of factors that you can consider.

The type of tools and the warranty provided is the first thing to consider. The Leatherman has a 25-year guarantee for its tools and a promise of exchange for another equal or lesser value tool if you do not lose it or wear it out too much. The Gerber brand tools, on the other hand, have a lifetime warranty but only in North America and the warranty last for 25 years if you live outside the U.S. The Gerber company also promises to replace or repair your tool irrespective of whatever broke it. The Leatherman has the edge if you want a lightweight and portable multi-tool to carry every day. Both the Leatherman OHT and Gerber Centre Drive have the same number of tools built in but each has different features.

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The Leatherman is useful for oxygen tank wrench, wire cutters and the multiple sizes of screwdrivers. On the other side the Gerber Centre Drive has files, longer knives, pry bar/nail puller and bit drivers instead of screwdrivers. In terms of price, the Leatherman OHT is available at a slightly lower price than the Gerber Centre Drive although they are in the same price category. This means that you can get the Leatherman OHT which has a better build quality and more durability cheaper. There are numerous complaints that the Gerber tools are not very durable and they experience wear and tear within a few months of purchase.

NameGerber Center DriveLeatherman OHT
Key Features- One-thumb opening sliding jaws offer easy accessibility - Full size, real tools offer uncompromising performance through revolutionary design - Center axis driver opens to align like a real screw driver for maximum torque & rotation - FEATURING 16 TOOLS - The OHT features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife - Every feature on the OHT can be opened and operated with one hand

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Concluding the debate on Gerber Center Drive vs Leatherman OHT, although they both have a host of similar features very useful features and the warranty can lure you to choose the Gerber it was evident that the Leatherman has the slight edge. It all boils down to what you need though.

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