Gerber Dime vs Leatherman Micra

Multi tools are very convenient as you can find various tools inside the unit but, mostly they are only useful for small to medium tasks. For those who need small tools around just for convenience, light variants such as Gerber Dime vs Leatherman Micra can be a great choice to consider. These multi tools have scissors and a small blade that can be useful for light tasks around you. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in a Multi Tool
  • What are Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra
  • What Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra Look Like
  • What Tools are in Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra
  • How are the Ergonomic of Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra
  • How are the Performance of Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra
  • Gerber Dime Vs Leatherman Micra

Multi Tools

Tool is made to ease your daily activity and the earlier tools are made to help our ancestors sustain life during the time where technology barely existed. Blade or sharp object is very helpful for our ancestors to gather food and to process them as well as building shelters which are still being used today to assist our activities both in food processing and in the process of making various objects useful to our life. Depending on what you need, our choice of tools can be different as well.

For a professional or having a job in the field, carrying a tool box with their full-size tools is just logical because they will need them and they will need a reliable helper as well in the application but, not all of us are going to have the same activities. For the common people, a small collection of tools can be a great option however as they are light, easy to use, as well as convenient. A multi tool is a great choice if you often find small tasks that require a certain tool.

Multi tools are as the name suggests, a collection of tools and all of them are in a much smaller size than what your actual tools are. The tools are meant to deal with small jobs as well such as a short blade that can help you cut a package or envelope open, peeling an apple for lunch, or cutting a rope and tape. While they are going with the same name, not all of them are going to be the same so your choice should be based on what you need the most.

When looking for a multi tool, the most important part is the tool itself because it is such a waste to spend on something you will not be using. Think about what tools you will need often or ideal in your type of environment and try to find all of them in the product you like. In most cases multi tools have scissors or small blades that are versatile for different tasks but some also have serrated blades and saws that are meant to give a more bite into cutting rigid objects.

 Gerber Dime Leatherman Micra
Product Dimensions2.75 x 4 x 0.6 inches
4 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches
Shipping Weight2.2 ounces
11.2 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Another point to think about is probably how you will carry this multi tool. Everyone may have their preferred way to carry their belongings; some like it strap on their belt, in their pocket, stored in their bag, or readily available in their wrist when they need them. Multi tools are typically quite heavy so we often put them in the bag or strap on a belt but many are also small and light enough to be your keychain.

About Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra

Now when you already have a list of what tools need to be present in the multi tools and how to carry them, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. You can find various models or variants from each manufacturer and chances are you will find one or more of your preferred multi tools from their collection. If you don’t plan to look into each and one of them, it is convenient to just go for the popular choice.

They may not be a guarantee that you will like their products but there is a high chance you will find them useful as well. Talking about multi tools, there are many brands to consider but Gerber and Leatherman are our favorite. These two are also the leading companies when it comes to providing you with reliable tools with convenient mechanisms. For quality, you can trust their products to last for years to come as long as we take proper care of them.

If active and outdoor enthusiast are fond of Gerber Suspension Vs Leatherman Wave which comes with every useful tools we often need, those who are working indoor and just want to be prepared when meeting small tasks that needs a tool, Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra are two amazing options you may want to consider. Both of them are meant for light jobs only and probably more for backup tools of desk workers or students due to the collection of tools.

For some people Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra are too lightweight but when you don’t have any cutting tools nearby and quickly need to open a compartment or package, the two will be a very helpful tool you have. The two are also quite different however, so not all people will agree which of them will fit their application the most but, we do think if you need a pliers then Dime is the most ideal choice while if you need grooming tools then Micra will be the better option.

Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra Design

The best thing about these multi tools is probably the size and weight because they are only about 50-60 grams and 2 inches long in closed form which makes them probably at the size of your car’s keys and Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra are also designed to be lightweight to let them hang as your keychain, whether it is along with your vehicle’s keys or on the backpack. We prefer to put them along with keys to avoid losing the multi tool.

Side by side they are quite thick but we have no issue about it and in comparison Gerber is looking more rugged than Leatherman. What we love the most just from the first time seeing Dime is the mechanism which we will talk about more in this article. In closed form just like any other multi tools everything is concealed and safe. There is no pouch in the package as they are supposed to just hang as your keychain or just place them in the pocket since none are obtrusive.

Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra Tools

As it has been mentioned above, the most important point to consider when looking for a multi tool is their tool collection. Starting with Gerber Dime, this multi tools has needle nose spring loaded pliers, wire cutter, plain edge blade, retail package opener, scissors, medium flat driver, crosshead driver, bottle opener, tweezers, and a file. On the other hand Leatherman Micra has a spring action scissor, knife, flat screwdriver, nail cleaner, tweezers, bottle opener, nail file, medium screwdriver, and extra-small screwdriver. 

The Micra also has a very short ruler which is the case of the multi tool itself and as you can already imagine, while the two are equally popular small multi tools, based on the collection they are very much different to each other.

Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra Ergonomic

The next part we want to mention is their ergonomics as this is also quite different between Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra. What we love from Dime is the locking mechanism itself because you can access almost all the tools included without having to open the multi tools and this is very convenient when you don’t need the plier as when deployed, it will add length into your multi tool and can be obtrusive depending on what you are going to use the tool for.

In Micra we need to open the multi tool first before being able to use the small tools inside such as the blade even though you don’t need the scissor. The short ruler we mentioned above is not as short however, because you can half open the scissor and make two handles into a straight line when you need a guide or measuring small objects.

Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra Performance 

The last part we want to talk about Gerber Dime and Leatherman Micra is their performance and here it all depends on which tool you will be using. In comparison we found Dime to be more useful because of the pliers and package opener which is very convenient in application. This package opener is similar to a knife but has a small edge with angled shape, almost like a hook that makes opening packages like a thin plastic compartment a breeze.

Gerber Dime vs Leatherman Micra

These small multi tools are more of a companion of everyone so we can be ready every time but they are also quite different. The two are separated by the collection of tools and where they store the tools which allow Dime to be not only easy to deploy but also more useful if you will need a plier in the application as the scissor’s function can be substituted with their blade.

- Compact, lightweight size fits perfectly in pocket - a daily companion for any task
- 10 tools: Needle nose spring-loaded pliers, Wire cutter, Fine edge blade, Retail package opener, Scissors, Medium flat driver, Crosshead driver, Bottle opener, Tweezers, File
- Convenient, easily accessible butterfly opening
- Overall length: 4.25 inches, Closed Length: 2.75 inches
- 10 TOOLS IN 1: A knife, tweezers, file, spring-action scissors and more packed into a 1.8-ounce-keychain-sized multitool that never gives up
- OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon; That’s why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your - Leatherman lasts a lifetime
- TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Equipped with a variety of personal care tools, including a nail file and tweezers, you can take care of broken nails and splinters in a pinch
- ALWAYS ON HAND: The Micra is equipped with a key ring attachment so that it doesn’t get lost and is always within reach and ready to work


We should shop based on which will benefit you the most and our choice can vary but between the two we are more towards Gerber Dime because this multi tool is more useful and reliable for the common tasks we meet.


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