Gerber eFECT Vs Leatherman MUT

First of all the introduction, we remain you to not forget Leatherman Signal vs MUT as our very previous review. This might not be the first review of this title knowing that we are not the only one who feel curious about either similarities or difference on these two multi tools. Beside of the popularity of them, they are also known as their good features and performance. Now, lets find the truth here!

Gerber eFECT
Gerber eFECT military maintenance tool is a 6 + pocket machine tool designed to serve AR15/M16/M4 rifles. Unlike other multitools, Gerber eFECT rifle tools is missing suspect blades, pliers, chainsaws, file bottle openers, Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, little kits, pocket clips, wire cutters, etc. n In short, Gerber eFECT is a one-stop AR cleaning tool, but without the added weight, price and mechanical complication of fully multi baked tools. Gerber eFECT offers the following tools on with six foldout locking “knives”, three per side including heavy-duty steel scrapper, punch pin, nylon brush, picking gear-type tool, flathead screwdriver, and dual-sided media four front shooting tools. Some additional features of the tool include removing the brush and/or picking the gear and attaching each Otis-compatible threaded cleaning tool directly to the threaded port. The front forearm is a double-sided cylinder with four thick studs on one end and four small posts on the other. Some have found AR-15 the smaller rifle tool posts to be a little on the soft and bent side, and you have to agree as well.

Leatherman MUT
The MUT has all the standard Leatherman features like Tang, wire cutters and screwdriers, but at MUT, they smoothly past their previous designs. Tang is over-engineered and much chunkier than their previous designs. The wire cutters are replaced, meaning you can swap them when they wear out rather than needing a new knife. And the handle has a clip that’s not an old rope loop so it can be secured when you move, either on a pocket or guaranteed to your teeth. Leatherman MUT is a multi tool, which serves as both a practical as well as tactical tool for law enforcement, military and civilian shooters. This tool comes with many features specifically meant for weapons maintenance and assembly. With a weight of 11.2 ounces, MUT is a larger tool that is more comparable to the others of its kind. It ranks among the toughest in multi tool categories. 3-inch, partially serrated knife made of high quality steel. This is very unexpected, as most multi tools have cheap or low-quality blades. The Leatherman MUT Multi tool value is greatly thanks to a good array of tools designed for various job fields and tasks. They include stripping and cutting wires, pliers for gripping things, and fasteners that can handle various tasks.

NameGerber eFECT Leatherman MUT
Key Features- Rugged and reliable design in all our products - Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations - All products are field tested- Every feature on the MUT can be opened and operated with one hand - Needlenose pliers, regular pliers, 154CM replaceable wire cutters, 154CM replaceable hard - Conveniently store Leatherman tool bits in the handle of the MUT

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The main difference between Gerber eFECT vs Leatherman MUT is that instead of a softer, non-mating bronze scraper, eFECT scraper solid steel gerber. Dental Tool Dredge is a good enough addition (even intended). For proper cleaning especially around the contour of the carrier bolt. And also unlike Leatherman MUT, the knife is not replaceable, nor is there an optional kit service for sale. Have you decided?

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