Gerber Evo Vs Suspension

Choosing the right multi-tool is indeed not an easy task. For quite a long time, Gerber has been considered as one of the best brands of multi-tool products. The company has produced a lot of multi-tools for both military purposes and the consumer market. In this article, we have two Gerber multi-tools that we will compare against each other, Gerber Evo and Gerber Suspension. Although they seem to be quite similar at first, Gerber Evo is more expensive and is packed with more features than Gerber Suspension. So, which multi-tool does provide the best value for the money?

Design and Build Quality
First, let us compare Gerber Evo and Gerber Suspension against each other based on their design and build quality. At first, Evo and Suspension may seem to be quite similar to each other. They both come with spring-action needlenose pliers, and the built-in tools are even positioned in similar places. The saw, driver, and fine-edged knife are placed on the opposite side of the scissors and serrated knife.

However, Gerber Evo’s design is somewhat more convenient to hold. It comes with aluminum handles that are extremely lightweight, yet very durable. It has been designed to reduce hand fatigue as efficiently as possible. However, this compact multi-tool is not as heavy-duty as expected; still, it is great for most but the most demanding EDC tasks.

On the other hand, Gerber Suspension comes with hook-and-loop Velcro fasteners on the sheath that are not very durable. The fasteners seem to tear quite easily. You want to get a better sheath for this multi-tool. Nevertheless, the multi-tool itself is highly durable and easy to use. Gerber Suspension features a locking mechanism to ensure the safety of each tool. And, unlike many other multi-tools, Gerber Suspension’s handles do not actually pinch your fingers, so it is very convenient and safe.

The total length of Gerber Evo is actually the same as that of Gerber Suspension. However, the folded form of Gerber Evo is a little bit longer, and it is also slightly heavier.

Built-in Tools
Most of the built-in tools of Gerber Evo vs Suspension are actually similar, with just a few differences. Gerber Evo is equipped with the needlenose pliers, scissors, cross driver, small and medium flat drivers, fine-edged and serrated knives, can and bottle openers, wire cutter, and saw.

On the other hand, Gerber Suspension comes with exactly the same built-in tools. But it also comes with a lanyard ring, which is certainly very handy for EDC purposes. You can easily attach it to your other EDC tools.

Gerber Evo’s and Gerber Suspension’s tools are made from high-quality steel. They are rugged and durable. Unfortunately, the scissors are a little bit too small. The scissors are not very convenient for cutting wide paper sheets or large objects.

NameGerber EvoGerber Suspension
Key Features- Lightweight aluminum handles - Reduce user fatigue during extended use - Locking components match suspension - 14 functions for all your multi tool needs - Spring action plier heads- Suspension Multi-Plier multitool with 12 integrated components - Saf.T.Plus component locking system guarantees safety - Lightweight open-frame stainless steel handle - Includes a ballistic nylon sheath

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All in all, both Gerber Evo and Gerber Suspension are decent multi-tool models. Gerber Suspension is more recommended because of the durable quality and convenient design. It is also slightly more compact and more lightweight. The only downside is the poor Velcro fasteners on the sheath. On the other hand, Gerber Evo is also a nice model, but not as portable and lacking a lanyard ring.