Gerber MP600 vs Leatherman OHT

If you are confused in choosing between Gerber MP600 vs Leatherman OHT right now, you have come to the right place. Both are great multi-tools, so you can’t really go wrong with either. However, they definitely come with different pros and cons, so one may be a little better than the other, depending on your needs and preferences. Continue reading below to determine which one is better for you!

Both Gerber MP600 vs Leatherman OHT have sliding plier heads. This used to be a proprietary design of Gerber, but once the patent has run out, Leatherman has tried to mimic the functionality with Leatherman OHT. They do have different quirks. Gerber MP600’s pliers are not as easy to slide in. You need to push them with your hand to slide the pliers in.

It is a little inconvenient compared to Leatherman OHT’s pliers, which can slide into the body just by the force of gravity. Don’t worry, the plier heads can be locked in place during usage, so they won’t move around while you are using them. However, the plier heads sometimes get blocked by the release pins; some wiggling can do the trick. See also: Leatherman OHT vs Wave.

The next big difference is that Gerber MP600 needs to be fully opened if you want to access the tools. While it has been optimized for one-handed operation, it is still a little less practical. On the other hand, Leatherman OHT is optimized for one-handed operation and has outside-accessible tools, so you can take out individual tools without having to open the body first.

Size-wise, they are more-or-less similar. Gerber MP600 holds a slight advantage because it is slightly slimmer and lighter. It is also very easy to clean. Leatherman OHT is a little bigger and heavier, partially because of the imprinted handle scales. Yet, Leatherman OHT feels very nice and solid to hold.

The Tools
Gerber MP600 and Leatherman OHT come with several similar tools. They each have a small plain blade, three flat screwdrivers, and one philips screwdriver. Gerber MP600 has a file. Its phillips screwdriver has a very good design, but is very stubby. On the other hand, Leatherman OHT comes with a serrated knife, which may prove to be more useful than a file. The phillips screwdriver is much longer and more useful for tighter spaces.

Gerber MP600 comes with a nice replaceable Remgrit saw. It has a can opener and a bottle opener. However, the griphalves of the pliers require massive break-in before they are truly usable.

Leatherman OHT only features a wood saw, a can opener, and a bottle opener. In addition, it has an oxygen tank wrench and a cleaning rod/brush adapter. Leatherman OHT’s pliers have pointy tips, so they are very useful when dealing with small objects and tight spaces. The pliers don’t need much break-in; they are already usable right out of the box.

NameGerber MP600Leatherman OHT
Key Features- 14 fully locking tools in one multitool - Components include needlenose pliers, wire tools, cutting tools, screwdrivers, and more - One-handed opening pliers with a flick of the wrist - Black oxide coated stainless steel handle - Includes ballistic nylon sheath- FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The OHT is equipped with 16 tools, including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a strap cutter, a cleaning rod/brush adaptor for firearms, an oxygen tank wrench, bottle and can openers, and a saw.

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In general, Leatherman OHT is the winner. It comes with a more efficient design and great features. The built-in tools are more effective and versatile in various situations. However, Gerber MP600 is also a good choice, especially if you prefer a simple multi-tool that is easy to clean.

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