Gerber Suspension vs Truss

Gerber is one of the most popular multi tools and often being the go-to of users who are in the market for a new compact multi-tools but don’t want to sacrifice any of the quality. They also have plenty of options to consider based on which of them will fit you the most such as the Gerber Suspension Vs Truss that are ideal for those who want to shop on a budget. If this sounds like what you want to achieve, see below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Multi Tool
  • What are Gerber Suspension and Truss
  • How are the Built of Gerber Suspension and Truss
  • What Tools are in Gerber Suspension and Truss
  • How are the Handling of Gerber Suspension and Truss
  • How are the Convenience of Gerber Suspension and Truss
  • Gerber Suspension Vs Truss

Multi Tools

For you who often spend the time out there, it is possible to meet with various events and those that require you to use some type of tools to deal with. Riding a bicycle, scooter, or just sitting in front of the desk and doing your job sound like an everyday activity that we are used to but there are times when you find something need to be dealt with such as a loose screw on the chairs, removing a rope from a package, and tightening the glasses hinges.

For many people, depending on their typical application, there is always a need to bring a set of small tools in their vehicle or backpack. While professionals mostly have the proper equipment to always bring along, most of us just want the convenience and want them to be there when needed. This is why multi tools are designed to be carried by almost anyone. As the name suggests they are a compilation of various tools and thus, it feels like bringing a set rather than an individual item.

Multi tools may not be the first item most people will buy when they are getting older but it is the type of item that we will be using once it is around. They are very useful for a light to medium group of jobs but not for something that we put under stress very often. Some models such as Leatherman Surge Vs Super Tool 300 are amazing options however, if you want a heavier capacity but, none of them are affordable so we do think they are only for serious users.

Multi tools value is located on the collection of tools and how reliable they are for your typical use. There are a huge range of options when it comes to what each brand and model can offer yet it is always best to match them with your activity and before heading to shop for one we highly recommend to think about what tasks you often face and what type of tools needed such as whether a robust pliers is needed or whether a small bit driver will be useful.

Besides the collection of tools, their ease of use is also an important factor to make sure you can use the tools conveniently. A multi tool with an easy to engage blade or opening system will be very useful however but we recommend to see which tools you will most often use and make sure they are easy to pull out or fold even with one hand if necessary. 

 Gerber SuspensionGerber Gear Truss
Product Dimensions4 x 1 x 6 inches
1.75 x 0.5 x 4.35 inches
Shipping Weight9.6 ounces
8 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Gerber Suspension and Truss

Since multi tools are very useful and have been around for quite some time as well, you can expect to see tons of them out there from varying brands and with varying prices. They will be similar in terms of functionality since most are also coming with similar sets of tools but the rigidity and design can be slightly different from each other. They can be quite expensive too depending on the brand and if you will be using the tool very often then we highly recommend to invest a little bit more.

Popular names like Leatherman are a very convenient option and often being a safe bet when you are not sure about which brand to go for but, their tools are a bit on the high-end range for the price point so some people may not want to spend as much. If you are spending on a budget, Gerber is another alternative that can be a great option. This company is well-known as well so you can rest assured about the quality.

For those who don’t want to pay more than $50 for a multi tool and are fine with a slightly bulkier form, the Gerber Suspension and Truss are two ideal models to consider. Choosing a best option without budget resistance is easy but making sure that even an affordable model can perform as good is a bit difficult. Yet, this is not the case with these two since you will get a reliable tool that also comes with so many different small tools in one pack.

In comparison both of them are very similar to each other however so it can be confusing to choose one and the price difference is worth to notice as well. Side by side Gerber Suspension and Truss are mostly different depending on the type of tools included in the build but when it comes to overall quality they are about the same and personally we do not recommend them for a heavy-duty task since the material doesn’t seem that robust to sustain the stress.

Gerber Suspension and Truss Design

Appearance wise these multi tools are very similar to each other based on the design alone and while personally we are not a fan of this type of handle, they seem robust too and made of stainless steel but we are not sure about the rest of the tools in the handle. In comparison, while not as big as a full-size plier, the Suspension is pretty heavy at 10 oz. compared to the Truss which is only 8.4 oz. with all of the tools are housed in the handle.

They both come with a sheath which is not the best in quality but they hold the multi tools very well. Since there is no clip on the actual unit itself, we need to carry them with the sheath and we also like this carrying method better. The handle finish of these models are very sleek which is not as ideal especially when your hand is sweaty since they may slip easily. In comparison the Suspension feels bulkier in our hand than the Truss.

Gerber Suspension and Truss Tools

Now let’s move to see what Gerber Suspension and Truss can offer and first we want to talk about the tools they are packed with. As it has been mentioned above, this is what set the two apart the most and in the collection, there are spring loaded needle nose plier, regular plier, wire cutter, tool lock, plain edge blade, large flathead, cross driver, can opener, saw, scissor, small flathead, lanyard, serrated blade, and bottle opener. The Truss have all of them with some addition in which one of them is wire stripper.

It also has an awl which is often useful for outdoor enthusiasts and a file which is also acting as ruler that we are not very sure will be useful. Rather than a file/ruler we would like to have a file on both sides; one for wood and one for metal. Besides these their serrated blades also have different designs but for serrated blades we often use saw instead since they are sharper in most tools. The tip of Truss’ serrated blade is smooth so it can be useful to open a sealed canister/package.

Gerber Suspension and Truss Convenience 

Moving into the ease of use, this is one of our favorite points of Gerber Suspension and Truss since all of them are accessible from the outside of the handle so there is no need to open the pliers just to get into the screwdriver or blade. It can be a bit tricky but there is a place where you can put the thumb tips to open the knife with one hand. Using two hands is faster but it is not impossible to access the blades with this method.

They are also locked really well too so as long as the tool is fully out they will not move as well unless you use the lock to fold them back in. These two are not very compact and when in pliers mode, it is almost like holding a full-size one which is great for a better grip and more comfortable handling. 

Gerber Suspension and Truss Performance 

Lastly let’s talk about the performance of Gerber Suspension and Truss since this is also important. In terms of ease of use both of them are really well thought for the design and comfort, especially when using the pliers and blades. The rest of the tools are not as reliable however and the blade itself is probably too short for some people, measured only about 2 inches. The scissors is probably the most unreliable and not useful among all as it is very small and doesn’t cut well too.

Gerber Suspension vs Truss

Both of them are good options on the budget range because they are very affordable as well as comfortable to use. The differences are mostly on the handle design, shape, weight, and the collection of tools. In general the Truss is lighter and has more in the handle but we do think not all users will utilize them such as the ruler/file and wire stripper.

- Suspension Multi-Plier multitool with 12 integrated components
- Saf.T.Plus component locking system guarantees safety
- Lightweight open-frame stainless steel handle
- Includes a ballistic nylon sheath
- New features to the Truss include: wire stripper, medium flathead driver, awl, file, and ruler
- The low-profile sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally on belt
- The sheath is also MOLLE-compatible for those operators that require MOLLE vest or pack mounting options
- The handle is constructed from one single piece of steel, allowing for additional strength in a slimmer design


If you are on a budget then we believe you can go well with any of them but in comparison we will recommend the Suspension as it already carries the typical useful tools, cheaper, as well as easy to use and comfortable on the hand.