Leatherman Crunch Vs Surge

EDC multi-tool seems becoming a ‘must-have’ items nowadays. Today, we are going to have an review based on certain situation for example, if you have pretty much settles on these two Leatherman models which are very well-known one among others, especially between Leatherman Crunch vs Surge. And you are curious how they open and close and if it may take any longer than the more traditional one? Read the one below.

Leatherman Crunch
Leatherman’s crisis view alone is enough for multi-tool settings apart from others. Let’s face it, you either have a handle that is used to be a representative or not. But before you go and say, oh heck, make sure you do not need all the vice grips of multi tool, you need Tang. What if the Tang could be a vice grip, and they could fold up and go in your pocket? Well, now the game changes. We have to admit, at first glance, this tool just looks weird. Although different looking, it does have a fair share of practical benefits. (See also: Leatherman Surge Vs Charge TTI)

It is equipped with regular and locking Tang which comes more useful than you previously thought. There are also tough 7 regular wire cutters, wire dancers that have an average of 420 HC ruler jagged and 8 inch saw blades. While Vice pins perferct one to hold the hook Fishing in grove and bottle opener comes together with wood or metal files, 1/4 inch hex driver, philips screwdriver, and small to big screwdrivers as well. Needless to say, the crisis is for someone who will need to use Tang locking regularly. Since Leatherman’s crisis is quite new at multi-tool scene, there is a lack of reviews compared to other multi tools. The crisis as light and compact as it makes it perfect for someone who works in a trade or everyday brings in the end.

Leatherman Surge
The Leatherman Surge pocket tool is similar to a standard multi pocket tool, except that it’s bigger and stronger. It is one of the two largest multi tools built by Leatherman. The first thing you’ll notice about this multi tool is that it’s bigger than the average size of multi tools, which is probably why multi Leatherman tools are equipped with their own pockets or sheaths. In addition, this multi tool is built with more toughness. Thus, you have a sturdy Phillips screwdriver and a Tang that does not hurt your hands trying to squeeze. In addition, the propellers are longer and more resistant. (Read Also:

We are not talking about features that are about Tang both for regular and nose needles, scissors, wire cutters, knife files, jagged knives and point clips, bottle openers, can openers, rulers, big or small screwdrivers, awl, saw, exchanger knives, electric crimper, stranded wire cutter, dancer wire, and a little driver. There are more features on this multi tool to distinguish itself from other multi tools in the market. It allows you to use several different items, such as scissors or a knife two from outside the multi tool. Also, four of the blades can be opened as well as easy access. The skin is 100% stainless steel that makes it rust free. The nylon sheath is very sturdy, and you can have Velcro folds open or close with 830160 Leatherman inside. There are extra bags of nylon sheath for accessories you need to carry around with you, like extra bits.

NameLeatherman CrunchLeatherman Surge
Key Features- Regular pliers, locking pliers, hard-wire cutters, wire cutters, wire stripper, 420HC serrated knife, ruler, pin vice, bottle opener, wood/metal file - All locking features mean that every tool and knife on the body of the handle will lock into place- Needlenose and regular pliers, replaceable hard and regular wire cutters, stranded-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, plain - Built with our largest pliers and longest multitool blades, it's perfect for tough jobs and the hands that do them

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If you think you have not felt satidfied enough about the review above, you may open the video version of review. There is a lot of videos on YouTube either about Leatherman Crunch vs Surge or any other models you want to watch. By viewing them, we hope you can get an idea of the size, opening or closing, tools, and etc. Ad do not forget to pick the one you think the best multitools for your own needs in the future.