Leatherman Freestyle Vs Skeletool

Looking for a compact and lightweight multi-tool? Leatherman is one brand that people trust when it comes to good quality multi-tools. There are two popular Leatherman models on the market that may interest you: Freestyle and Skeletool. As the more affordable model of the two, Leatherman Freestyle indeed offers fewer built-in tools, but the price is lower, too. On the other hand, Leatherman Skeletool has been the choice of many people for EDC purposes. Continue reading below to see the detailed comparisons between Leatherman Freestyle vs Skeletool!

Design and Construction
Both Leatherman Freestyle and Leatherman Skeletool are very compact and lightweight. They are easy to pocket and to bring around, whenever and wherever you go. The width of the Freestyle in the folded form is similar to that of the Skeletool. However, the Freestyle is indeed slightly smaller and quite shorter due to not having a carabiner. The Skeletool is quite longer due to having a carabiner; this is the reason why the company has classified the Skeletool as a “full-size” multi-tool – take a look at our previous post about Leatherman Sidekick vs Skeletool here.

Their main bodies are also very similar. Both have strong and sturdy stainless steel construction. They are very durable. The Skeletool is heavier by about 14 grams, but such difference is hardly noticeable.

The features of Leatherman Freestyle vs Skeletool are also largely identical. Except for the carabiner and handle bit storage on the Skeletool, the other features are the same. They each feature a replaceable pocket clip, which is certainly very handy for EDC purposes. Simply clip the multi-tool to your pocket, and you are good to go.

Both Leatherman Freestyle and Leatherman Skeletool are outside-accessible and one-hand operable. With either the Freestyle or the Skeletool, you can pull out the individual tools without completely opening the multi-tool. It saves time. The blade is lockable, which means that the sharp edge will not suddenly slip out to hurt your hand while you are using another tool. You can handle the multi-tool with just a single hand quite easily. However, wearing a thick glove would make the multi-tool more difficult to handle.

Built-in Tools
Leatherman Freestyle is a stripped-off version of Leatherman Skeletool. The Freestyle comes with five built-in tools, which are the needlenose pliers, regular pliers, regular wire cutters, hard wire cutters, and 420HC combo knife. The knife is quite sharp and durable, and it is also easy to sharpen.

On the other hand, Leatherman Skeletool features with seven built-in tools. It has all the Freestyle’s tools. In addition, it also comes with a large bit driver and a carabiner/bottle opener. These additional features are indeed handy. The large bit driver is certainly going to be used every once in a while. The same goes for the bottle opener, which is solid and sturdy. The carabiner is quite handy; you can clip other EDC tools there instead of putting them in your pocket.

NameLeatherman FreestyleLeatherman Skeletool
Key Features- FEATURING 5 TOOLS: Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Cutters, 420HC Combo Knife. - 420HC COMBO KNIFE WITH LOCKING BLADE: The Freestyle is equipped with a combination straight/serrated blade crafted from 420HC, a high-carbon stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and can be easily maintained.- READY FOR ANYTHING: The Skeletool has everything you need and nothing you don't in one good-looking package. And it's light enough to use as your everyday carry. - FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: Needlenose and regular pliers, hard and regular wire cutters, combo knife, combination carabiner and bottle opener, and large bit driver.

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In general, Leatherman Skeletool is more recommended. It comes with more built-in tools that can be useful and handy at times. The build quality is very good, too.