Leatherman Juice C2 Review: Handy, Useful Little Tool

In the following Leatherman Juice C2 review, we will see a handy and useful little multi-tool with surprising toughness and durability. As a compact, lightweight multi-tool, Leatherman Juice C2 comes with only the essential features that you need, without any trivial capabilities that you don’t need. This allows the multi-tool to be so lightweight and easy to carry around.

Size and Weight
Leatherman Juice C2 is actually the sibling of Leatherman Juice S2 which we have previously reviewed (see the Leatherman Juice S2 review here!). So, what is the difference between them? Simple. Leatherman Juice C2 comes with an assisted corkscrew, whereas Leatherman Juice S2 has scissors. So, choosing the right model depends whether you benefit more from a corkscrew or scissors.

Leatherman Juice C2 is very compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. When folded, it only measures 3.25 inches. The weight is barely 4.4 oz. It has a lanyard ring which may be useful for some people. You can pocket it comfortably. This is an ideal multi-tool for daily carry.

Leatherman Juice C2 is available in two color variants, granite and sunrise. The handle scales have vibrant and shiny colors. As a result, the multi-tool looks very stylish. You will be happy and confident to show it off to your friends.

Build Quality
Leatherman Juice C2 is designed for light-duty tasks. The small size indeed limits the versatility. However, the build quality should not be underestimated. The pliers and blades feel solid and tough. They are quite durable, so you can use this multi-tool for various tasks as long as the small size is not an issue. This is quite surprising, but Leatherman Juice C2 can actually surpass the performance and quality of many full-sized multi-tools.

As mentioned above, Leatherman Juice C2 only comes with the basics. It has the usual regular and needlenose pliers. It also has regular wire cutters and hard wire cutters. Furthermore, it comes with a plain-edge knife, an assisted corkscrew, can and bottle openers, and four screwdrivers.

The corkscrew and can/bottle openers may come up to be more useful than expected. Meanwhile, the four screwdrivers are great. They are definitely useful for tinkering electronics and mechanical devices. The lack of scissors is actually not a big issue because there is a plain-edge knife which you can use to cut various materials.


- READY FOR ANYTHING: The Juice C2 is a handy little devil, equipped with everything from wire cutters to a corkscrew. Stash it in your bag, pocket, or kitchen drawer. - FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: Needlenose and regular pliers, hard and regular wire cutters, knife, can and bottle openers, corkscrew, and a variety of screwdrivers. - ALWAYS ON HAND: With its small design and lanyard ring, your Juice C2 is always within reach and ready to work.

Leatherman Juice C2 is a great choice for a lightweight daily carry. It has very good build quality, and it comes with all the basic tools that you need the most. It is a great value for the money.

Leatherman Juice C2: Specifications
Closed Length: 3.25 inches / 8.26 cm
Weight:4.4oz / 125 g
Blade Length: 2.27 inches / 5.77 cm
Built-in Tools:
• Regular and Needlenose Pliers
• Wire Cutters and Hard-wire Cutters
• 420HC Knife
• Can & Bottle Openers
• Assisted Corkscrew
• 4 Screwdrivers (Phillips, Medium/Large, Small, Extra-small)

Leatherman Juice C2 Review: Pros
• Very compact, lightweight, and easy to carry
• Surprisingly tough and durable
• Handy screwdrivers of different sizes
• Stylish look

Leatherman Juice C2: Price
Check the best price for Leatherman Juice C2 here!

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