Leatherman Leap Review: Safer Option Multitool For Little Adventurer

Children loves to mimic their parents in almost everything they do especially in things they have taken interest, such as fixing things or building things in outdoor activity. In many cases they may want to try doing the same things as you. To facilitate them in their adventure, you can give them multi tool as their companion. One multitool that do a great job but also safer for children is Leatherman Leap. If you plan on giving your kid a multitool, you may want to read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Leatherman Leap
– What Leatherman Leap can do
– Is Leatherman Leap safe enough for your children

About Leatherman Leap
Leatherman Leap is one among many other multi tools by Leatherman. Unlike most of their products, this multitool is initially intended for children as their crafting companion. Leatherman Leap is available in colorful handle including red, blue and green, which is very contrast with all of their tools that comes in either black or silver handle. Even though it is intended for children, it still comes with more than 10 tools and can be deployed whenever you need them. Most parents gave their children multitools to let them mimic what their parents do or teach them, such as fixing something or making things during outdoor activity. Even though it is intended for children and is far safer than your multitool, you still have to teach them how to use Leatherman Leap safely, such as deploying the tools and be careful with sharp ones.

Leatherman Leap Features
As it have been mentioned above that Leatherman Leap comes with more than 10 tools in its possession. You will have all of its 13 tools in this multitool including needle nose pliers, regular pliers, hard wire cutters, wire cutters, 420HC Knife, Saw, Spring action scissors, ruler on its handle, tweezers, bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, and small screwdriver. It also comes with lanyard hole to attach the tool and avoid losing it. The handle and body is designed with safety as number 1 priority with safety locks that keep the finger from the path of the tools.

Leatherman Leap Performance
When tested Leatherman Leap does perform a good job. You can try teaching your kids how to use screwdriver by using few screwdrivers in a wood and let them play with it using the tool. You may also try to teach them using the pliers and tweezers by crushing some pistachios or picking up lint. The main Philip driver is good, but the smaller one might be too hard for them to deploy and use it. The one tool that likely to be most kid’s favorite and want to try immediately must be the saw. It is quite confusing why Leatherman still put saw, but remove the blade. The saw is very sharp and the removable blade is also sharp. However, if you plan on letting your children use the saw, you have to provide close supervision too.

Leatherman Leap Safety
For the design, Leatherman Leap designed and work just how the company claims it would by providing enough taper on the body, so children can handle it with ease. Unlike the adult multitool, this one use plastic as the handle instead the usual metal, which is great since children does love it. The locking mechanism makes Leatherman Leap quite save, but since it is still sharp, we can’t say that it is 100% save and again parental control is needed when they use the tool. Since it is designed for kids, the size must be small enough to fit firmly in their hand, if you want to imagine, the size is between Leatherman Juice and Squirt.


- THEIR FIRST MULTITOOL: The Leap is the first Leatherman created specifically for kids. With this ultrasafe and easy-to-handle tool, your child will be able to explore, learn, and build skills for life. - FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The Leap features a variety of pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, a user-installed knife, saw, spring-action scissors, ruler, tweezers, and bottle opener. - SAFETY FIRST: The Leap includes safety locks that keep fingers from the path of tools, a two-hand opening knife, and a secure grip. It also comes with a user-installed knife blade that can be added when you feel they're ready.

Leatherman Leap is a great multitool for young adventurer who loves to do outdoors activity. It was designed with safety as the number 1 priority and far safer than your common Leatherman multitools. The user installed blade also not as pointy as common Leatherman knife, but it is still very sharp. All in all, Leatherman Leap is as safe and useful with proper supervision.

Leatherman Leap: Specification
highlighted features:
– 13 tools
– Safety lock
– Ergo grip

Leatherman Leap Pros:
– Many tools available
– Safer for children
– Comfortable and grip easily

Leatherman Leap Cons:
– The saw and knife is too sharp

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