Leatherman Micra Vs Squirt PS4

Leatherman Micra is the longest equipment circulating on the market from the year 1996 to date. Did you know that? Although later incurred a competitor with a better model, call it such as Leatherman Squirt PS4. However, they appear to be not much different from one another. Could you guys take a look at the review this time Leatherman Micra vs. Squirt PS4.

Leatherman Micra
You can summarize everything that makes Micra well in one statement: 10 steel tools that fold the compact 2.5 “bundle. Like the larger model in the Leatherman Catalog in Micra folds some of its Tools into its handlenya, which meet in the middle for a pair of spring scissors which is paired with an excellent selection of tools for everyday tasks, including 420HC blades, drivers, tweezers, and even notches for the ruler on its own handle. The inclusion of small split rings and the addition of later colors encourages the use of Micra EDC, and with rugged construction and Leatherman’s long warranty becomes a mainstay on key chains everywhere. (Read also: Leatherman Squirt ES4 Vs PS4)

While Micra boasts an impressive pedigree and build quality, stainless steel is not exactly lightweight material to carry if you are trying to minimize your EDC. Options are whether to pick and choose tools which you really need and choose for something lighter (epic one-piece multi-tools) or commit to a more powerful multi-tool such as a larger Leatherman product. Micra is plenty of light and is no doubt useful, so if you just choose to equip it with the tools and be able to match the colorways to all corners of your aesthetics then it is still quite worth bringing the choice.

Leatherman Squirt PS4
Leatherman Squirt ES4 vs PS4 is a ‘must-read’ especially when your choice is on this multitool finally. “Squirts PS4” by Leatherman will make you wonder how you ever made it without it. With pliers, scissors and a bag of other features, this lightweight Mini appliance comes in handy for everything from cutouts to wrapping birthday gifts on the go. Squirt Leatherman is a really pocket-sized multitool that weighs only about 60 gram. It can be used on keyring but has Tang, knife, scissors, file, wire cutter, bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver and disconnect. You may wonder if something so small can really be useful. The answer is yes.

The tools are of excellent quality and when you need something fast to hand it usually does the job. Pliers on spraying the springs and better reach and utilize than you can imagine. They are really well designed and work pretty well considering the size. The knife is very sharp. The shape and small size of the squirts combined with the knife sharpness can use a bit of nerve-wracking but the blades are excellent and the cut is clean and efficient. The screwdriver, though small, works very well. This file is also very good. It has different surface filings on three sides and can be used for wood, metal, plastic, or even nails. Scissors, though by no means bad, are a bit disappointing for Leatherman’s standards. They are spring and cut paper, fine cloth, bandages, plaster and even nails quite easily.

NameLeatherman MicraLeatherman Squirt PS4
Key Features- The Micra is our most popular mini-tool for everyday tasks that require the best spring-action scissors around - Spring-action scissors, knife, flat/Phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, extra-small screwdriver, bottle opener, nail cleaner, tweezers, nail file, and ruler- The Squirt PS4 will make you wonder how you ever managed without it - Spring-action needlenose and regular pliers, spring-action wire cutters, knife, spring-action scissors, flat and Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, wood/metal file, and medium screwdriver


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Actually when we do comparison between Leatherman Micra vs Sqruit PS4, we can find the fact that the PS4 is a better combination of tools and layout over the Leatherman Micra. Squirt PS4 also a good compact, light combination of tools though, and there is some overlap in the screwdrivers. Squirt PS4 is really reasonable replacement which they need to squeeze some tweezers in somewhere.