Leatherman Micra vs Style CS

Micra and Style CS are Leatherman’s offerings for people who are looking for an ultra-lightweight multi-tool with a scissor head. Unlike most multi-tools which come with plier heads, these two models have replaced them with sturdy scissors that may prove to be more useful if you don’t need a plier head in the first place. However, Leatherman Micra vs Style CS come with different feature sets, so make sure that you understand the differences between these two models before you make your choice. Continue reading below!

Built-in Tools
First of all, note that Micra and Style CS are equipped with different tools. The Micra is probably more versatile in most cases due to the fact that it is equipped with more tools. It comes with 10 tools, including the scissors, knife, ruler, tweezers, bottle opener, nail file, flat/phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, and extra-small screwdriver. (See also : Leatherman Micra Vs Squirt PS4)

On the other hand, Leatherman Style CS only comes with 6 built-in tools. This model features the scissors, tweezers, knife, nail file, flat/phillips screwdriver, and carabiner/bottle opener. Note that the tweezers detaches from the device. Make sure that you don’t lose it.

Furthermore, Leatherman Style CS does not have the ruler and additional screwdrivers. The carabiner may be very handy for easy carrying and perhaps some outdoor uses, though. You may choose this model if you can benefit from the carabiner and you don’t need the additional screwdrivers.

Build Quality and Performance
For sure, both Leatherman Micra vs Style CS are tough and durable. They are strong enough for most EDC uses. The handles of Leatherman Style CS do feel stronger; this is probably because of the thicker, beefier design. Still, the handles of Leatherman Micra are quite strong and sturdy.

The scissors of Leatherman Micra are better than Leatherman Style CS’s. The Micra’s scissors are slightly longer and also more streamlined. As the effect, it comes with more cutting lengths, and it can cut things more quickly. The streamlined design makes it easier to use.

The scissors of Leatherman Style CS are sturdy, but they are short and fat. As the effect, they are more suited for cutting paper sheets and threads. You may want to just use the knife for cutting larger or thicker items.

Both Micra and Style CS are very compact and lightweight. Micra measures 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) long when folded. It is slightly heavier than Style CS at 1.8 oz (51 grams), but this is hardly an issue. It has a key ring attachment for easy carrying.

Leatherman Style CS has a longer body which measures 2.9 inches (7.5 cm). However, it is lighter at 1.4 oz (41.1 grams). It has an outside-accessible design, which means that you can take out individual tools without having to fully unfold the device. It also has a key ring hole.

NameLeatherman MicraLeatherman Style CS
Key Features- FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: Spring-action scissors, knife, flat/Phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, extra-small screwdriver, bottle opener, nail cleaner, tweezers, nail file, and ruler.- FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: Knife, spring-action scissors, flat and Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, nail file, and combination carabiner and bottle opener.

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In general, Leatherman Micra is more recommended due to the better feature set and better scissors. It is more versatile for daily uses. However, you may choose Leatherman Style CS if you can benefit more from the carabiner and outside-accessible design.