Leatherman Signal Vs Wave

Multi tools are very convenient and can save you the struggle of dealing with small stuff around the house or out there. The options of which multi tools can serve the best function will vary however, depending on what you need such as the popular Leatherman Signal Vs Wave that are reliable for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are also interested to get one of them, do check our comparison below to decide which of them will be the better choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Multi Tools
  • What are Leatherman Signal and Wave
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  • Leatherman Signal Vs Wave

Multi Tools

Humans evolve with their tools and the more advanced we have become, the better we design these tools. Computers are such a breakthrough that we used for almost everything today from productivity to entertainment and this used to be a tool for processing data that now can do lots of stuff as well. For manual tools, we still have the sharpened material, mostly steel to make a cut or to process something. In general, the function of various tools is to make our life simpler.

However, the type of tool we need will be different depending on what you are going to do as not all of us are dealing with the same stuff every day. For those who are not professionally working in the field such as repairman, carpenter, or electrician who will need a full-size tool for their activity, we can bring one multi-tool in the pocket or backpack when adventuring. We can carry one in the car as well just to be prepared when you need something.

 Leatherman Signal Leatherman Wave
Product Dimensions5.2 x 3.6 x 1.8 inches4 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches
Shipping Weight9.6 ounces11.2 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

As the name suggests, a multi tool is a collection of various tools that you can carry almost everywhere. This tool is probably the length of a power bank but is much narrower like pocket knife. What it can carry or integrate inside however, vary depending on the model which is why the choosing process should follow what they are going to be used for or what do you need from the tool.  For example, if you will be using a wire cutter a lot, then this tool need to present.

Everyone’s work and activities vary but here are some tools you may need in a multi tool. One of the most important in our opinion is a saw or serrated blade because they are usually very sturdy and very useful. The serrated edge will handle thicker material faster and you can use this tool from field dressing game to building a shelter while camping. For those who work indoors, we may need micro tools like scissors or bit drivers for the small stuff around.

One thing we do think will be necessary as well when shopping is their operation or how easy it is to use the tool because it is such a waste to spend on expensive multi tools but they are difficult to deploy when you need them. This also varies among models and variants, most of them have two sides to store the tools and some can offer all from the outside. In most cases we can use one hand but for opening those stored inside the panel, we may need another hand.

About Leatherman Signal and Wave

Not all multi tools will have the same set of tools thus, it is better to list down what you need from the collection so we can shop faster and wiser. Try to remember what we will be using the most to less often and shop based on this list or, if you want to save time we can also go for the popular options. It is not a guarantee that they will fit your application perfectly but at least they have high chances to.

We may shop from the brands that you like too so we don’t need to check every manufacturer out there and when it comes to multi tools, one brand that we always trust is Leatherman. We are sure most people are familiar with this name because they are very popular if not the most popular among other similar brands. They have been making various tools for a long time and the reason why people love them is because of the product’s quality itself.

Just like any tools, your multi tool must be reliable to be able to do its job properly and while they are mostly compact and small inside a multi tool housing, Leatherman makes an amazing compact system for almost everyone. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Leatherman Signal and Wave are going to be the two ideal choices to consider. These favorite variants are compiling lots of common tools that can help you when adventuring out there yet, slightly different in a few parts.

The Wave in our article today is the original series as now you can get a “Plus” model for this multi tool with addition of a replaceable wire cutter. In comparison, this variant is actually the best-selling of Leatherman and marketed towards the wider audience as it is just versatile but the Signal which is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts may fit you better. Overall, Leatherman Signal and Wave are very useful and versatile for different applications. Read also: Wave Plus Vs Charge TTi here.

Leatherman Signal and Wave Design

Fashion wise, the two are quite different already as you can see from the sample picture above. The handle of Leatherman Signal and Wave are what make them distinguishable from each other and as you can see, the Signal is indeed designed to accompany your outdoor application especially with the carabiner clip so then we can attach it to your backpack. But, with this small addition, the length of this tool is also 0.5 inch longer than Wave.

The material to build these multi tools are stainless steel but if you choose the black fashion of Wave, this variant is black oxide which may not meet everyone’s taste but similarly working well yet, personally we prefer the original stainless finish. As for the weight, these variants are different with Signal being slightly lighter, probably to make it convenient when you need to clip the multi tool on a pack or when storing them in the pocket.

Leatherman Signal and Wave Tools

As it has been mentioned above, the most important part of multi tools is their collection of tools itself. The original Wave is coming with a total of 17 tools but the “Plus” variant has 18 of it with addition of replaceable wire cutters. This model has needle nose pliers, regular pliers, hard wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, 420HC knife, serrated knife, saw, scissors, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, diamond-coated file, large bit driver, small bit driver, and medium screwdriver.

On the other hand, you will get needle nose pliers, regular pliers, replaceable wire cutters, wire stripper, 420HC combo knife, saw, hammer, awl with thread loop, can opener, bottle opener, hex bit driver, bit driver, box wrench, safety whistle, Ferrocerium rod, and carabiner clip. This variant combines the straight edge knife with the serrated one to reduce the weight but also has a awl and thread loop in case you need to stitch fabric while building a tent or surviving out there.

Leatherman Signal and Wave Ergonomic

The next part we want to talk about is their ease of use because this is important to decide how well we can deploy the tools when in pinch but, chances are you will still need two hands. Notice that none of Leatherman Signal and Wave are specifically storing all of their tools on the outer side of the cover so there are only some we can access in their close position namely small items like can/bottle opener, file, driver, scissor, or the awl.

All of their larger tools or prominently blades are stored inside the housing and once we flick the lock open, we actually can open the blade with our thumb but not as fast as when using pocket knife yet still manageable and personally, we prefer to use two hand when opening the saw or blade but closing them is very easy with just one hand.

Leatherman Signal and Wave Performance

The last part is their reliability and in this area both Leatherman Signal and Wave are equally good. They are made with the same material so we can rest assured about the longevity but the main blade of the two are a bit different as Signal combines the plain and serrated edge into one knife hence reducing the convenience as we prefer to have full version of both edges, especially the serrated type. But, when it comes to ease of use, they are about the same.

Leatherman Signal Vs Wave

Multi tools are very convenient because they are collecting various tools into one. Leatherman Signal and Wave are a bit different on the type of tools they carry as the former is tailored more into the outdoor application such as awl, hammer, box wrench, and the carabiner clip while the latter is more for general application with screws, blades, and bit drivers. In our opinion, the prominent difference is the blade as the Signal combines both plain and serrated knives together.

- READY FOR ANYTHING: The Signal combines everyday functional tools with new outdoor features. With tools like a fire-starting rod and an emergency whistle, you'll be prepared no matter what nature throws at you.
- FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: A variety of pliers, wire cutters and stripper, knife, saw, hammer, a variety of bit drivers and wrenches, bottle and can openers, carabiner, safety whistle, ferrocerium rod, diamond-coated sharpener, and awl with thread loop.
- LET'S BE PRACTICAL: Sometimes you only have one hand to spare. The Signal only requires one hand to open and use all the tools, even the ones that aren't accessible from the outside. And with all locking features, you can multitask with confidence.
- ALWAYS ON HAND: The Signal is equipped with a pocket clip and carabiner so it's always within reach and ready for adventure. Clip it on your backpack or in your pocket.
- READY FOR ANYTHING: A fresh upgrade to our most popular multitool; Now includes premium replaceable wire cutters for tackling jobs tough, big and small for years to come
- INSTANT TOOLKIT: Packs a quiver of 18 tools, including pliers, replaceable wire cutters, wire stripper, knives, saw, spring-action scissors, ruler, can & bottle openers, files and screwdrivers
- OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon; That’s why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your Leatherman lasts a lifetime
- ONE-HAND OPENING: You only need one hand to open and use the compact Wave Plus, even the ones that aren't accessible from the outside


Overall you should shop based on which seems to fit in your application the most but between the two, if you are not going to use or need the specialized tools in Signal, Leatherman Wave is actually more versatile for various different applications.

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