Leatherman Surge vs Super Tool 300

Multi tools are very useful and convenient as you can find several of small tools in a compact built of multi tools. However, based on the model type, some of them can have different collections and how to deploy each tool so it is best to choose wisely. Among the popular options, Leatherman Surge Vs Super Tool 300 are good choices for both ease of use and versatility but, let’s see what they can offer here before making a purchase since they are slightly different as well.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Multi Tools to Purchase
  • What are Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300
  • How are the Built of Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300
  • What Tools Available in Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300
  • How are the Convenience of Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300
  • Are Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 Comfortable
  • Leatherman Surge Vs Super Tool 300

Multi Tools

Multitools are probably one of the most useful items in your bag because they are a combination of various small tools such as blades and scissors which are very convenient as well when you need to open something or cut something like rope or paper and package. They are safe as well to carry and even children can use some of the variants that are designed for younger users. However, not all are made to be equal and we have to choose based on what we need from the tools.

Since we naturally have various different hobbies, it is best to match the multi tools with your type of application. There are multi tools that were designed for a more general purpose but there are also variants which are optimized for certain applications such as hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, motorcyclist, or cyclist and survival enthusiasts. They usually have tools often used in the application so if you are using them for specific activity then we recommend to match them too.

Next is about the size because multi tools need to be compact and they also often sit in our pocket or backpack so we need to consider the form factor of the tool. To choose the most convenient option it is great to consider how you will carry it, for example if we will be putting them in the pocket then they need to be thin and compact or you may need a clip to attach them to the belt. However, do note that the smaller they get, the more fragile the tools will be such as the blade and serrated knife.

Another important factor to consider is the price and how much you would invest on the multi tools. The price will vary a lot from models and brands and in most cases we will get what we pay so price will affect the product’s quality and mirrored into the performance or the material they use. In addition, the better material will also make sure that the tools are going to last long since none of us want to buy another multi tool almost every year.

In multi tools there are usually a few tools that are more robust than the other and one of them is the pliers. It is probably because pliers is the most useful tool as well in almost any multi tools since you can do lots of tasks with them from securing a screw, unscrewing them to bending nails and removing nails. Another worth considering tool in a set is the knife or blade. Think about what you will need such as whether a serrated knife will be useful or not.

 Leatherman SurgeSuper Tool 300
Product Dimensions8 x 6 x 2.5 inches
5.2 x 4 x 1.97 inches
Shipping Weight14.4 ounces
16 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300

Now when you already have an idea on how the multi tool must be or what you need from the unit, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There are plenty to choose from and most of them are looking similar to each other. In case you don’t have a particular activity to match the tools with, it is probably more convenient to see what the other users are opting for as chances are they will match yours as well.

To save the shopping time, we can see the popular options and when talking about multi tools, one of the best options or the most popular choices out there is the Leatherman. We are sure most people recognize this brand because they have been around in the market for quite long and they are often the go-to of many people for multi tools, often also being the synonym of multi tools itself. Quality wise they are among the best and they carry tons of models to choose from.

For those who are looking for tools that are more into the general purpose, the Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 are two amazing options to consider. The two are praised for their versatility and probably also among the most favorite models in the catalog, especially Surge. They are more ideal for a tool box or at least a backpack since the form factor and weight is not something we will comfortably put in the pocket during transportation nor small enough to clip on the belt.

They are however, very reliable if you need something that can deal with lots of tasks and require something robust enough to sustain the force. Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 are the choice of users who need tools that are barely portable or will use the smaller tools inside pretty often since this is what the two are best for. In comparison, the prominent difference between these multi tools is mostly about how you will deploy their tools.

Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 Design

Before checking what these multi tools can offer, let’s check their form factor first since this will affect your ability to carry or use them. They are fairly the same when it comes to size for the closed form at around 4.5 inches long or 11.5 centimeters. The weight is slightly more than 300 grams for Surge and less for Super Tool 300 so in comparison the Surge will be very hefty in a pocket but still feels more durable, especially when using the pliers and blades.

The material to build these multi tools are stainless steel and those that come in black matte finish are also coated with black oxide. Both are durable and it is just a matter of taste but we personally do like the silver one.  Read also: Gerber Dime Vs Leatherman Micra.

Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 Tools

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 can offer and starting from the tools collection, the two are similarly carrying the same type of tools. Listing what they can provide, you will get the most important pliers both needlenose and regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, stranded-wire cutters, wire stripper, electrical crimper, knife, serrated knife, saw, awl with thread loop, ruler on the handle of the multi tools, bottle opener, can opener, Philips screwdriver, wood/metal file, large, and small screwdriver.

There are some slight differences in both models for example the Super Tool 300 has a medium screwdriver in which Surge not while Surge have the diamond-coated file for a more robust material compared to regular wood/metal file on the other. In addition Surge also has a spring-action scissors and blade exchanger. Both can be added with a bit assortment kit for a wider purpose but do make sure the variant you get is compatible with the tool since they are not interchangeable. 

Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 Convenience

Now let’s see how easy it is to work with Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 since they are also quite different here. As you can see from the sample picture above, the two store the small tools on different side of the body; Super Tool 300 have it inside the enclosure so opening the pliers will also give access to the remaining tools while Surge putting it outside the handle, making the operation much easier when you need to deploy some tools only.

For example, the four blades of Surge are all accessible from the outside, meaning we don’t need to open the pliers to use all of them. They are also accessible with one hand by using the thumb and pulling them from the base of the blade until they are fully extended. On Super Tool 300, we will need to open the pliers first to get access to all tools it carries. 

Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 Experience

Now for the comfort, since Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 are quite huge for a multi tool, we suggest getting a sheath separately. They do come with a sheath but too large for the tools and often slip from the compartment. In use especially how we use the pliers, somehow Surge is more comfortable, probably because when opened the handle is showing the smooth rounded edges which is better with bare hands. We also often use the blades and they are easier to deploy using just one hand in Surge.

Leatherman Surge vs Super Tool 300

Both Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 are on the heavy-duty line of Leatherman multi tools. They are ideal for heavier usage and people who need robust compact tools but, they are also different. Some tools are not available in Super Tools like scissors and diamond-coated file while Surge has no medium screwdriver. In terms of comfort and ease of use we do like Surge as you can use the blades without having to open the multi tools and the rounded handle is more comfortable as well when using the pliers.

- All-locking blades
- Needlenose pliers
- Regular pliers
- Wire cutters


All in all it is best to choose the one that can fit in your application the most but between the two we do recommend Surge as it is just easier to use and already comes with typical tools we often needed such as blades and screwdrivers.