Leatherman Wave Vs Skeletool

With a marginal price difference between Leatherman Wave vs Skeletool, choosing between these two models is indeed a tricky task. Of course, Leatherman Wave is more expensive, but it also comes with many more built-in tools and a decent build quality. Leatherman Skeletool is available a more affordable price point, comes with a simpler design without unnecessary tools, and features a very good build quality as well. Let’s see the detailed comparisons below to determine which one is better for you!

Size and Weight
When they are folded, Wave is just about as long as Skeletool. But the Wave is a thud wider, and it is most definitely much heavier. The weight is about 241 grams (8.5 oz). With such body mass, it is not very comfortable to pocket around. But, to be fair, people will eventually get used to the weight – there are larger multi-tools out there, which people are pretty comfortable with to carry around as a part of their EDC kits.

The Skeletool is long but relatively slim – take a look at our previous post about Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool. The weight is just 142 grams (5.0 oz), so it is much more convenient to carry around from day to day. Besides, it has a carabiner that you can utilize for attaching your other EDC tools.

Built-in Tools
Perhaps the built-in tools make the biggest difference between Leatherman Wave vs Skeletool. Do you prefer to carry all the tools to be ready when needed, just in case? Or do you prefer to stay lightweight and just carry the things that you actually use?

Leatherman Wave should be your choice if you prefer to have all the tools to be ready whenever needed. It comes with 17 built-in tools, featuring the needlenose and regular pliers, regular and hard wire cutters, wire stripper, spring-action scissors, saw, ruler, can and bottle openers, wood/metal and diamond-coated files, small bit driver, large bit driver, and medium screwdriver. It has plain-edged and serrated knives.

On the other hand, Leatherman Skeletool only has 7 built-in tools. It has the needlenose and regular pliers, regular and hard wire cutters, and large bit driver. The bottle opener is integrated to the carabiner. The carabiner is very nice and quite solid. There is also a combo knife with a partially serrated edge. Unfortunately, it does not have the scissors and files, which some people may prefer to have.

Tool Size and Placement
Leatherman Wave has slightly larger blades, which can be handy for some of the more demanding tasks. Leatherman Skeletool’s partially serrated knife indeed saves space, but it is not very versatile. The available cutting edge is very limited.

However, Leatherman Skeletool offers better, quicker access to the large bit driver. The size is also less bulky, which means that it is a little bit more comfortable to handle.

NameLeatherman WaveLeatherman Skeletool
Key Features- Needlenose and regular pliers, hard and regular wire cutters, wire stripper, plain and serrated knives, saw, spring-action scissors, ruler, can and bottle openers, wood/metal file, diamond-coated file, small and large bit drivers, and medium screwdriver- Needlenose and regular pliers, hard and regular wire cutters, combo knife, combination carabiner and bottle opener, and large bit driver. Store additional bits in the handle.

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If you prefer to have multiple tools ready at your disposal, Leatherman Wave is the way to go. It provides a better value for the money if you can benefit from the built-in tools. The scissors, files, and drivers are usually handy. However, if you don’t need those features, and you prefer to stay simple and lightweight, Leatherman Skeletool is the way to go.