Leatherman Wingman Vs Sidekick

Leatherman Wingman and Sidekick were launched on the same day and they are basically same tools but the Wingman has scissors and sidekick has saw in it. Majority of the tools in both of them are same having same functions, but the price of sidekick is 40$ and the Wingman is priced at 30$. The price of Wingman is not less because the tools used in it are low quality, all the tools are of same quality as used in Sidekick but the weight and size is different that’s why the price of Wingman is Low.

They both are a little different from each other so you can’t tell the difference in them until you check the main blades of these tools. The blade of Sidekick is non-serraed but the blade of Wingman is serrated. Liner locks are used in the both tools so you can lock up them securely. They both can be used for different type of activities like sidekick is used for outdoor work while Wingman can be used as a daily basis tool. Sidekick’s saw worked well in cutting a tree’s limb and the Wingman’s scissor can cut the limb and can also be used for daily cutting chores.

Now we will tell you about the interior tools. Sidekick has a little serrated blade and Wingman has a package opener in it. Package opener is only good for opening packages but it can’t be used as a box
cutter. On the other side Sidekick’s serrated blade can perform multiple tasks such as cutting cloths or rope. The final difference in both of the tools is that in the interior tools of Sidekick it also have a lanyard ring in it and on the other side Wingman doesn’t have this ring.

NameLeatherman WingmanLeatherman Sidekick
Key Features- FEATURING 14 TOOLS - The knife blade on the Wingman locks into place when fully deployed and must be manually unlocked to fold away providing a much safer user experience - Every feature on the Wingman can be opened and operated with one hand- FEATURING 7 TOOLS - The Skeletool features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife. - Every feature on the Skeletool can be opened and operated with one hand

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From all of these differences we can easily conclude that the Sidekick is much better than the Wingman, but the price of Sidekick is a bit high as compare to the Wingman, but the functions of it worth it. From all of these differences we can say that Sidekick is a useful outdoor tool which can do many tasks with less human effort but the Wingman can be useful in urban environment. This was all to know in the review of Leatherman Wingman vs Sidekick.

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