Leatherman Wingman Vs Skeletool

Many people have been confused in choosing between Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool. The reason? Wingman is cheaper, yet it comes with more built-in tools. Doesn’t that make a great value for the money? Well, before you make a hasty decision, make sure that you continue reading below to get the better understanding of the differences between Leatherman Wingman and Leatherman Skeletool. There are important differences regarding the build quality and tools.

Size and Weight
Well, let’s start out comparison by checking these multi-tools’ dimensions. Interestingly, they seem to be about the same size. Both are compact enough to be easily portable. Leatherman Wingman is just a little bit shorter at 3.8 inches, folded. Leatherman Skeletool measures 4.0 inches when folded. Most of the extra length comes from the carabiner – take a look at our previous post about Leatherman Freestyle vs Skeletool here.

Nevertheless, Leatherman Wingman is quite heavier. The weight is about 198.4 grams. This model is heavier because it contains more built-in tools and it has a spring-action mechanism. Leatherman Skeletool is a simple device, and the weight is lighter at 142 grams. So, it will be more comfortable to pocket around. Each of the two models has a pocket clip for easy carrying.

Build Quality
One important difference between Leatherman Wingman vs Skeletool is about the build quality. Leatherman Wingman is clearly an entry-level model, as indicated by the price. Although it has a number of nice features, the build quality is not very impressive. The tools are not perfectly aligned, and some of the screws are a little bit loose. The tools are not very durable. So, this model is only suitable for light-duty tasks. Pushing this multi-tool for some of the heavier tasks will likely break it.

Leatherman Skeletool is not an entirely invincible device, but it indeed feels sturdier. The built-in tools seem to be thicker and more durable. This model makes a better choice if you need something that is reliable for more demanding tasks. The carabiner is nice and pretty solid. Still, don’t push out way too much. Using the pliers to loosen rusty lug nuts has a chance of breaking it.

Built-in Tools
Leatherman Wingman comes with 14 built-in tools. The pliers, wire cutters, and scissors are integrated with the spring-action mechanism, which makes the operation so convenient. It also has a wire stripper, a combo knife, a ruler, a package opener, can and bottle openers, a wood/metal file, as well as Phillips, medium, and small screwdrivers.

Leatherman Skeletool is simple and straightforward. It only comes with the necessary tools. There are 7 built-in tools here, featuring needlenose and regular pliers, hard wire cutters, regular wire cutters, a combo knife, a large bit driver, and a bottle opener that is integrated with the carabiner. You can use the carabiner for attaching your other EDC items.

NameLeatherman WingmanLeatherman Skeletool
Key Features- Spring-action needlenose and regular pliers, spring-action wire cutters and scissors, wire stripper, knife, package opener, ruler, can and bottle openers, wood/metal file, Phillips screwdriver, and medium and small screwdrivers.- Needlenose and regular pliers, hard and regular wire cutters, combo knife, combination carabiner and bottle opener, and large bit driver. Store additional bits in the handle.

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Leatherman Skeletool is more recommended because the build quality is much better. It is simple yet effective. The carabiner is also a handy feature. Leatherman Wingman has more tools, but the build quality is not impressive.