SOG Powerassist Vs Leatherman Wave

Let us go to the 2 famous brand of producing a multitool, they are SOG and Leatherman which we are very very sure that if you are here then, you must be one of a big fan of them two. SOG Powerassist vs Leatherman Wave will be a suitable title, right? If yes, then we recommend you to read the whole paragraph we provide in this article. We hope you enjoy this too.

SOG Powerassist
Like mostly articles did in here, we will put a link on one of the paragraphs to inform you that we have the other one for you to read it as well such as SOG Powerlock vs Powerassist. Despite the additional cutting power, SOG Powerassist itself, this particular failure experiments as the testers can not afford to severe the metal wire after six double-hand squeezing and adjusting the cutting position. It has a small jaw deflection that does not preclude it from completing the test, buckling the wire with incredible hold and control, while the long blade produces clean cuts throughout the length, and the locking system remains reliable, which is important as the necessary cutting of concentrated energy and careful techniques.

There is no return path because the torque is not a powerful SOG Powerassist suite, giving the average sub-par results with also additional power forces required to maintain full contact while driving, affecting power transfer. It also uses the tip of the file given an average but constant and effective gouging in experimental situations. And standard multi tool blades are carved into shallow depths with minimal penetration levels. The jagged blades, however, are amazing. Clearing the material quickly with a scale-down power saw, the blade itself may return this multi tool as an option for some. At the far end, for tool geeks, SOG offers tools with innovations unlike other brands. PowerAssist SOG is easily unlocked by moving the full length 7 wrist. Closed, it measures 4.8 in and weighs 9.6 oz in weight.

Leatherman Wave
Leatherman wave at first sight, it is a feature with needlenose or regular pliers which become one of the most used tools on multi tool, hard wire cutter for cutting wire or cable all in electrical duty and also made of 420HC steel. It has spring action scissors with an 8 inch ruler and even bottle/can opener, wood filer and some screw bit drivers. Waves are for Harry’s homeowners. It’s not the most technically multi-tool, but it’s definitely fit for everyday around homework. This is great for all purpose cary tools.

Waves are a full-size multi-tool, but on the lighter side compared to some more technical tools such as MUT or DET. Weighing at 8.5 oz and measuring 4 inches closed, easily slipping into a pocket or sheath. Many potential buyers like drawing comparisons between waves and Leatherman Charge because they are very similar in layout. The glasses screwdriver helps more than you think. More and more electronics these days have their small screws and standard screwdrivers just can not do the job. Leatherman wave user manual can be seen by you as a tutorial.

NameSOG PowerassistLeatherman Wave
Key Features- 16 component multi-tool from SOG includes a nylon sheath for added portability - SOG's patented Compound Leverage doubles gripping and cutting force - PowerAssist provides one-hand rapid access to steel blades. Tool locks protect from injury- The Wave is hands down our most popular multitool. With larger knives, longer wire cutters, and all-locking blades - Needlenose and regular pliers, hard and regular wire cutters, wire stripper, plain - With its compact size and lightweight design, you can stash your Wave in your pocket

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If you ask about the choice between these SOG Powerassist vs Leatherman Wave, we are ourselves feel a bit hard too knowing that they are even similar in functions as well as performances. But, there is nothing to do except choose, and we confest that Leatherman Wave is better than SOG Powerassist, not only on features but also from the cost they have each other.