Sog Powerlock Vs Powerassist

After we have done a lot of reviews about the competitor brand namely Leatherman, and this is time to face the other brand that is well-known enough to among people out there. SOG is manufacturer that is known for their Multi tool’s product as well as Leatherman and other brand. What models should we review in this article? Of course, the phenomenal ones from Sog Powerlock vs Powerassist.

Sog Powerlock
SOG PowerLock draws SOG on military backgrounds to deliver high quality tools with high performance characteristics that GSA approved. With 18 full-size tools the PowerLock EOD 2.0 package can handle a variety of situations. The SOG’s Leverage compound technology uses toothed gears for increased gripping and cutting forces that you will not find on other multitools-the SOG pliers produce twice as much torque for the same amount of hand pressure. The jaw has a nice long needlenose tip and is slim enough to reach into a tight space with authority. Even after heavy use, Tang jaws keep their alignment and mesh together perfectly. POW PowerLock EOD 2.0 is smooth and robust with one hand opening capability and wire cutters near the flip peg. SOG’s Double tooth saw design provides optimum performance by allowing chainsaws to grip while also reducing friction. Equipment is important for all outdoorsmen. SOG PowerLock is a perfect multitool for artisan because each component can switch out-just buy parts, unload PowerLock and swap it in new items. The ability to unload multitool is also a great feature to clean up after using SOG PowerLock in wet, sandy or oily situations. SOG is the first company to include a 1/4 inch bit driver on their folding multitool and greatly improves the SOG PowerLock utility. With an optional adapter, PowerLock is compatible with all special (Torx, hex, sockets, etc.) that use standard 1/4 inch pieces.

Sog Poweassist
SOG Powerassist is a wonderful mix of both worlds. This PowerAssist is equipped with a crimper blasting cap as well as every day tools. No it does not blow c4, but it has 22 very useful tools. SOG also has a piece of technology that is not much owned by other multi tools, assisted opening. The blades seem to fly open when initially involved almost as if it were a knife assisted opening. Also PowerAssit is equipped with SOG proprietary leverage compound technology. This is the use of some pivot points on the multi tool to generate larger travel deals associated with the Tang. People who are interested in cross between tactical and daily carrying multi tools. Although it should be noted that PowerAssist is heavy at 9.6 oz and again at 4.6 inches compared to competitors. Add weight by bringing additional tools 22 instead of 16, and easily open technology help. There are several specifications you can find in SOG PowerAssist Muti tools such as 3 side files, channel handle bolts, bottles, wire cutters, small and large screwdrivers, v-cutter, blasting camp crimper, full jagged blade, wire crimper, straight edge blade, and ruler.

NameSog PowerlockSog Powerassist
Key Features- Power lock scissor multi-tool is equipped for cutting, gripping, personal care and the unexpected - 420 steel multi-tool with a doubt and a black oxide finish - Packed with (18) essential tools and comes with a Nylon sheath for added portability- 16 component multi-tool from SOG includes a nylon sheath for added portability - SOG's patented Compound Leverage doubles gripping and cutting force - PowerAssist provides one-hand rapid access to steel blades. Tool locks protect from injury

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Among Sog Powerlock vs Powerassist, what you will really like from SOG POwerassist is that you can access the knives without having to open the multitool. Also, the supertool blades in Powerassist will lock with less wiggle than the Powerlocks do, but the powerlock blade won’t fail, it will just wiggle a little up and down. Powerlocks open smooth as silk and easily and it is removable as well. If you are sure about your choices, we hope it is the best one you can get.