Victorinox Swisstool Vs Leatherman Super Tool 300

If you have used a multitool then you know it’s just as basic as any other home tool that is essential in your home. In any given occasion you will need to remove or tighten a screw on your bike or even cut tape at some point. Well, all this depends with the multitool you have to use that facilitates all your needs. So how do you compare victorinox Swisstool vs Leatherman Super Tool 300? Both tools have similar appraisable features and this makes them the best multitools. Let us take you through some of the differences and similarities that make each one of these tools preferable to you.

The swisstool comes with the advantage of the overview; this means that you are able to access and easily select any one given tool from just looking and picking in a much simple way. On the other hand the supertool 300 beats the swisstool with its outlook; starting from how each tool fits to the black oxide finishing’s which complement the entire tool. If you choose to go head to head with the battle between quality and looks then the draw is just satisfying. (Read also: Super Tool 300 Vs Leatherman OHT)

Both the swisstool and the ST300 offer you with different but useful tools that are essential. You will definitely fall in love with the saw in the swisstool quite reliable. The ST300 comes with a pair of pliers, very suitable for picking small object of the ground. Both of these tools come in handy and thus you can never fail to notice their vibrant features which are eye catching.

NameSuper Tool 300Leatherman OHT
Key Features- The world's most know brand for multi-tools and pocket knives - Constructed of rugged stainless steel - 4-1/2 inches long when closed, weighs 10 ounces - Comes with a sturdy nylon belt pouch - With its compact size and lanyard ring, your Super Tool 300 is always within reach and ready to work - Safe and secure - All-locking features means that every tool and knife - Needlenose and regular pliers, replaceable regular and hard wire cutters, stranded-wire cutters

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The comparison between the Vitorinox Swisstool vs Leatherman Super Tool 300 just goes beyond your expectations. Their pros and cons just add up to a draw. Are you looking forward to owning a multitool? Well, the answer lies beyond the price tag. Great ergonomics together with a solid construction is what you need to own a multitude of your dreams.